Friday, June 29, 2007

New and Helpful Aliases

Some aliases I have added of late and found to be useful:

Displays a calendar and then your locale's 12-hour clock time:
alias now='cal;date +%r'

For those who often like to edit X display config:
alias editxorg='sudo vim /etc/X11/xorg.conf'

For those use window managers without a shutdown button:
alias turnoff='sudo shutdown -h now'

Does all you need to do for updating:
alias updateme='sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude upgrade && sudo aptitude
dist-upgrade && sudo aptitude autoclean'

I am also working on something that I hope to works as follows. "help CMD" will run "CMD -h" or "--help", checking the results. If that fails, it runs "info CMD", then "man CMD". The idea being that you can use one command to display information on a command, and it will get you to the first that has something to show. This would be helpful when one runs into programs that do not handle -h, or only have a man page, etc.


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