Sunday, April 8, 2007

System Tray in Flux and fbpager Config

I needed a way to display system tray icons for applications like Gaim and Tomboy in fluxbox. One way that was easy to implement and works well is a dockapp called docker. After installing it (it's in the repos), just add "docker -wmaker" to your .fluxbox/startup file. Then when you, for instance, launch Gaim, the Gaim system tray icon will appear as a 24x24 (configurable size) icon in the docker box. Check docker --help for more options.

fbpager is a handy app for displaying what desktops you have windows open in, and allow you to go to them quickly. Its default display layout is a bit ugly, though. There is an easy way to configure the way it appears, however. First, make a file ~/.fluxbox/fbpager.conf, and put this in it:
fbpager.workspace.width: 32
fbpager.workspace.height: 32
fbpager.workspacesPerRow: 2
fbpager.alpha: 64

Then add this to ~/.fluxbox/startup:
fbpager -rc ~/.fluxbox/fbpager.conf &

This will run fbpager, and look at the specified config file. You can play with the values to your liking. See the linked home page for more options.


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