Friday, March 30, 2007

Linux Display Config... Can be Simple!

On rare occasions, one encounters a tool or application which makes blithely simple a task which was once annoying/hard/cumbersome/painful. Such a thing have I seen today: nvidia-settings. It has long been the case that having an NVIDIA graphics card has made using a GUI much simpler in Linux (although support from other vendors has been increasing). However, trying something as crazy and far-fetched as... dual monitors... has been somewhat of a dreadful task, involving much editing of xorg.conf, tears on the keyboard when startx reveals another error, et cetera ad nauseum. No, I don't want to see detailed output. I want a simple feature of having 2 monitors to work.

NO MORE! Simply type "sudo nvidia-settings" (in some window manager of course, gnome, kde, etc. Or fluxbox, if you are that cool), and a pretty little interface comes up, where you can do all the obscenely obvious things that one would want to do in configuring a graphical interface, like set up 2 monitors, configure refresh rate, and much much more.

It's amazing. In a few clicks, saving to my xorg file, and a restart of X, I had everything configured how I wanted it. No pain. No errors.

Dude, is Linux made of leprechauns? Cause it is awesome!


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