Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Middle Click to the Rescue!

Yet another extremely simple but well-executed method to increase speed and efficiency present in Linux: Middle mouse button pasting. Open an application, anything with text, a terminal, browser, anything. Select some text. Any text you want. Now go into something else, say a terminal, and press your middle mouse button (or, for the 3 people left without a middle mouse button, press the left and right buttons at the same time (if you have 3 button emulation turned on)).

That's right, your selection just got pasted in. No CTRL+c, no CTRL+v, just select and middle button. Very quick and satisfying.

Some caveats: This only works for text, not for files. So you can't use it in all cases you would use CTRL+c and v, but it is still very useful for text. I find this especially so in a terminal where, if you are using gnome-terminal, for example, you have to copy and paste with Shift+CTRL+c and v. Also, you have to leave the application you selected text in open until you paste. This is because you are not really copying to a clipboard and pasting, but "moving" the selected text.


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