Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Additional Tips for GNOME-Do

After having played with GNOME-Do for a few days, experiencing some pain and finding more fun things, I have some suggestions that may make your adoption of it smoother.
  • Get to 0.5. 0.4 will likely be in your repo, so beware! It is a paltry substitute. If you have installed that, remove it and delete the plugins dir. Then add the repos to your "/etc/apt/sources.list" as described here, then run "sudo apt-get install gnome-do". Also, make sure you kill GNOME-Do if it is running, BEFORE you remove the old version and try to install.
  • 0.5 has a lot of great features, mainly the built-in Preferences window, which lets you just check plugins you want. There is also a new Open With action, which comes in very handy. Get to 0.5.
  • Very neat plugins: Skype (lets you chat or call with Skype contacts, like the Pidgin plugin), Upload to Flickr, Locate Files, Rhythmbox.
  • Install "xclip" (is in repos). This will let you select any text, invoke GNOME-Do, and act on that text.
Once I got to 0.5 and got those plugins running, GNOME-Do started becoming even handier!


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