Thursday, July 3, 2008

Killer App: GNOME-Do!

I started to doubt my beloved Ubuntu after a co-worker showed me the various virtues of Quicksilver on the Mac. But, I have... Beagle? Yuck. Lunchbox was cute, but never seemed to work right. But today, I take that doubt back, great Linux gods. Behold: GNOME Do!

If you know what Quicksilver is, then you are basically there. If you don't, just imagine a pretty app launched by a simple key combo that lets you do anything from open files, to play songs, to email people with just a few easy keystrokes.

David Siegel's beautiful site has lots of documentation, plugins, and more. Just be on Gutsy or Heron, add a repo to your sources, install. In case you don't know what "super-space" is, as I didn't, super is the meta key, so the one with a Windows Logo on it on most keyboards.

Some additional plugins I installed and found handy:
  • - Search your bookmarks and public ones
  • Rhythmbox - Play songs in your library, control volume, and more
  • Pidgin - IM people in your Pidgin lists


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