Sunday, August 12, 2007

Domainspotter Project Homepage Launched!

I have spent some time thinking about what to do with my Domainspotter program. I believe that it can be further developed into something quite interesting, and somewhat useful. As a result, I decided to create a site to house its documentation, feature roadmap, source code, and other related items. This can now be viewed at

There is not a whole lot there right now, but I hope to keep adding to it. This will minimally include the feature map as I have it planned now, and access to the SVN code base. I am still working on the content for the site, but it will mainly link to my roadmap in Trac for the project, as well as the code browser. It will be the home for all things related to Domainspotter.

In the longer term, I will also create a frontend to view results from domainspotter, updated weekly. In addition, I will also be adding various statistics and graphing displays to show the results in different ways.

So check there soon, hopefully things of interest will be found!


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